Ryan Young

Ryan Young is a computer programmer and a musician. He is currently a third year student at the University of Cincinnati pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. To learn more about Ryan, see the about page for more information.

SDL Shapes Project

The SDL Shapes is a C++ Library currently being developed by Ryan. SDL Shapes is a collection of methods for drawing simple shapes onto an SDL Surface. The library will provide a plethora of features achieving a simple way to create simple shapes without creating overhead. The library packages point, color, line, and rectangle structures to organize points to simplify code. The shapes available in this library currently are lines and circles. The implementation of triangles and rectangles and curently in development. The source code is available here.

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About Ryan Young

Ryan Young prides himself on extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for computers. Starting with his first computer at the age of seven, a passion gradually formed alongside fundamental skills gained in his high school years. These skills would prove to cement his desired career path as Ryan now attends the University of Cincinnati as a student of Information Technology with a focus on software. Ryan possesses a rudimentary knowledge of several popular programming languages as a result of self-teaching as well as knowledge acquired in class. He has exhibited proficiency in C++ as per a library that has been the focus of his recent work. In tandem with this project, Ryan is continuously learning more about the other popular languages with the intent to reach a similar skill level as the aforementioned language.

Hire Ryan

Availablity: Free

As a student, Ryan is available for cooperative education opportunities after he is finished with his current semester at University.

Ryan's résumé is available for download here.

Ryan has been a programmer for four years now. He took a multitude of classes in high school for programming and he has also self-taught himself the majority of the C++ language. He now studies Information Technology at University with a focus on software. He is currently learning the Java programming language in his coursework.

You can see some of Ryan's work by going to his github here.

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Feel free to contact Ryan with the following contacts with any inquiries and/or job offers. Please contact Ryan only with the reasons listed. Add descriptive subjects to your emails stating whether it is an inquiry or job offer. Otherwise, your message will be ignored.

Primary Email: contact@rcyoung.net

School Email: young2r2@mail.uc.edu